Please help the suffering victims of the major earthquake in Southern Türkiye

Dear Friends, Sevgili Arkadaslar,

We are estimating almost 200 thousand dead and more than 1 million injured and survivors in these extremely powerful earthquakes on the East Anatolian Fault Line. It affected a large region of 13 million residents.

Some cities are totally destroyed. Currently, we are caring for the survivors who are suffering in the cold and snow. We are supporting drives for missing supplies like tents, bread, soups and food. These needs will continue for several months.

We are teaming up with specific projects of transparent and trustworthy organizations like:

  • Federation of Women's Associations of Türkiye

We will get further advice from these professional organizations:

  • Union of Chambers of Architects and Engineers of Turkey, TMMOB
  • Regional Province Coordination Committees of TMMOB (IKKs)
  • Chambers of Electrical, Construction and Mining Engineers

We are targeting the following support activities:

  • We are helping with producing and delivering containers and tents to the victims.
  • We are supporting production and delivery of other survival supplies.

Many of our professional members and friends are already in the field now helping the rescue and recovery efforts in extreme conditions.

Please help. Any amount counts. Donate for one time or monthly.

  • Istanbul Technical University Alumni Association USA
  • İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Mezunları Derneği ABD
  • Registered as charitable non-profit organization with NY State in 2004 and with IRS.
  • IRS Tax deductible. EIN: 34-1999302.
  • IRS Site:

Videos of only one rescue example by our close friends in Antakya, in saving a young girl from under the rubble:


Meet some of the fundraisers that are part of this campaign

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